Device changelog

 • Make D2TW more consistent, simplify the extension code

 • Merge 4.14.211 into kernel and ASB 05-12

 • Update aptx blobs from coral

 • Update build fp/desc from coral December

 • Merge some commits in kernel for haptics

ROM Changelog:

 • Update to December sec patch

 • Fix edge lights when sensitive notification content is hidden on keyguard

 • Allow choosing screenshot gesture delay (AOSP changed it to 0ms from 500ms in r19 and in case you do want to change, you can)

 • Properly animate bottom brightness slider

 • Properly set fonts and icons on keyguard when changing styles

 • Extend background colouring fix to the new p5 icons

 • Add switch for vpn, data saver and roaming icons

 • Add a reading mode tile

 • Properly theme screenshotui buttons

 • Fix volume panel arrow in sam and victor icon packs

 • Redone Launcher3, WallpaperPicker2 and Themepicker

 • Update apex packages from RQ1A.201205.011

•  Switch to aosp packageinstaller and DocumentsUI (shaved off a cool 60MB and now)