+ 11 Summer Mocktail Recipe You Should Try at Home

+ 11 Summer Mocktail Recipe You Should Try at Home

A summer mocktail is a non-alcoholic drink that is refreshing and perfect for hot summer days. 🍹 Summer mocktails are usually made with a combination of fruit juices, flavored syrups, soda water, herbs, and other ingredients to create a delicious and thirst-quenching drink. Some popular summer mocktails include virgin mojitos, berry spritzers, watermelon coolers, and citrus punch. They are great for anyone looking for a flavorful and alcohol-free beverage to enjoy during the summer months. 🌞🍹

Summer Mocktail Recipe

Summer Mocktail Recipe

  • Virgin Piña Colada
  • Raspberry Mojito Mocktail 
  • Pineapple Mojito Mocktail
  • Blueberry Mojito Mocktail 
  • Coconut Limeade
  • Watermelon Mocktail With Sprite
  • Virgin Mojito With Sprite
  • Non-alcoholic Johnny Vegas Drink
  • Strawberry Mocktail With Sprite
  • Non-alcoholic Mint Julep
  • Blue Curacao Mocktail
  • Cherry Mojito Mocktail
  • Sunrise Mocktail
  • Blackberry Mojito Mocktail
  • Mango Mocktail With Sprite
  • Peach Mojito Mocktail
  • Lemon Mojito Mocktail
  • Honeydew Mocktail


What Tools Do You Need to Make a Mocktail?

  • Cocktail shaker: A cocktail shaker is a bar tool designed to mix the ingredients of cocktails and mocktails.
  • Muddler: A muddler is a bartender tool that is used to crush or muddle drink ingredients, typically herbs, and fruits.

  • Glassware: You can use a variety of glassware depending on the type of mocktail you will be serving. Use highball glasses for fizzy mocktails like Virgin Mojitos, martini glasses for cosmopolitan mocktails, or non-alcoholic martinis and champagne flutes for non-alcoholic mimosas.








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