The strategy of school advisers in the new system - Part 2 - Parental responsibilities

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In the introduction we said that the direction of the new educational system helps students to determine their goals and choices in a more appropriate time, and we mean precisely the choice of the field of study.

There have been frequent visits to people who have won the good grades in the course and have been selected for some reason other than their wise interests and then regretted. For example, I had a student who ranked 5th in the district and chose Sharif's electric field but regretted after a year! And he said that he did not like it at all, or the student who got 21, went to medicine and regretted after a year and a half, and so many of them.

what's the solution?

The second is that the choice of the field is very wise and with the advice of the advisor. The student must have a special form designed and chose the course.

What is the role of parents?

The role of parents is very important and without exaggeration, perhaps the most important item for a student's destiny. Dear parents, you must know that his role is a navigator, not a decision maker! Sometimes parents are desirous of desiring their descendants, and they want them (forcibly) whatever they have not received. But dear parents should know that even the fingers of one hand are different, let alone a man with another human !!

Therefore, we ask that the departed parents try to do their best to carry out their guidance and that dear students, like a mature and wise human being, will direct their attention to their decisions.

Tenth and eleventh student = successful people

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