From your loved ones

Oy, listen to this baby

Probably today will be something else, met you so many times but today will be something different. My heart started pumping blood so fast. I got the feeling. Excited about and feeling nervous as I'm in interview.

I wanted to draft a message at this time so that you could read it later. Probably I could think of something else but right now my brain stopped working so can't do some creative.

You became something special to me always. It took 2years for us to understand about each other. Look at those eyes look like you are watching me. Thank you Angel for coming down to earth to take care of me.

Mostly I watch this picture all day, per day max 25views

You are my princess baby. Your smile shows your innocence. Alot to say but that's all for today have a nice day

Note : Don't worry about your picture, untill unless you share the link with anyone it not going to reflect on internet.