SummerSanders: omg

SummerSanders: stephan is so tragic

SummerSanders: his new interface

SummerSanders: just blew

Whoaaa: gahhh

SummerSanders: worng voltagee

SummerSanders: he had just replaced



Whoaaa: gdi

Whoaaa: do less drugs

Whoaaa: and know ur cables

SummerSanders: riiiight

SummerSanders: dood i sat him down over dinner today

SummerSanders: and i started to lay down the law

SummerSanders: and like

SummerSanders: he wasnt listenin like he do

SummerSanders: i as like

SummerSanders: NO HOLD U

SummerSanders: P


SummerSanders: YOUR BOSS

SummerSanders: WHICH I FUCKIN AM

SummerSanders: SO LISTEN UP

SummerSanders: lol

SummerSanders: think he actually did lol he was shocked af i was talkin like tat

Whoaaa: is he on meth?

SummerSanders: amongst many other ting

Whoaaa: gdi

Whoaaa: ok

Whoaaa: thats good to know

Whoaaa: if im gonna form artist relations i cant have ppl dependent on drugs

Whoaaa: that i work with

Whoaaa: altho i can begin to form relationships

Whoaaa: im super done with psychosis lol

Whoaaa: altho tbf they are both extremely talented

SummerSanders: hahah

SummerSanders: dw

SummerSanders: luca is solid

SummerSanders: alkie but

SummerSanders: solid af i mean like

SummerSanders: fuckin 3 day jobs is no joke

SummerSanders: he teaches korean kids english tuition bro

SummerSanders: cooks in kitchen

SummerSanders: baristas

SummerSanders: and is the best lsd pusher i ever seen in all my days

SummerSanders: like we talkin 3 weeks while workin these 3 jobs and prodcuing that basha album and going gym and perfomring gigs and organising gigs and fuckin girls all d fuckin time -

SummerSanders: he sold.

SummerSanders: 160 tabs..

SummerSanders: in 3 wks

Whoaaa: h/o ill be back in a sec and read this, gotta get my sister some cash

Whoaaa: ill bb in 10

SummerSanders: stephan is the admin guy thohe knows how to do all the organising

SummerSanders: and networking and business management sec

SummerSanders: he just ott rn

SummerSanders: but he is out of the game. i told him today

SummerSanders: im puttin u on shutdown bruv

SummerSanders: this whole run i was watchin u

SummerSanders: i know u never thought of me as ur boss. but gdi i am , try dispute that, and

SummerSanders: u are NOT getting any more runs w me ever lol cos it was the most fucked up run i ever seen. you CANNOT b a dealer n not for some big moral reason - is cos . U SUCK AT IT

Whoaaa: lol

Whoaaa: fair

Whoaaa: well im glad to know that u keep these boys on lock

SummerSanders: hahahahah

SummerSanders: the girl

SummerSanders: who is a

SummerSanders: living snapchat filter

SummerSanders: with this shit on her head rn

SummerSanders: is keeping these boysin check

Whoaaa: that be u

SummerSanders: n ur reasssured

Whoaaa: lol

Whoaaa: i trust somehow that u have moreexperience in the game

Whoaaa: despite ur ridiculousness

SummerSanders: this is the

SummerSanders: traditional malaysian OG headdress

Whoaaa: i somehow think ur lying

SummerSanders: WHAT


SummerSanders: EH if youdl ike to join appear.in w dongfix n i

SummerSanders: u r invited

SummerSanders: lol

Whoaaa: im watching futurama maybe in a bit

SummerSanders: sure

SummerSanders: i did the malaysian traditional dance of invitation

SummerSanders: to go with my

SummerSanders: og headgear

SummerSanders: LOL

SummerSanders: i was thinkin like. adayinthe life is new

SummerSanders: i shud come on wearin dese feathers n shit

SummerSanders: n tell realstories of what happenin in my life

SummerSanders: liek all the crazy fucked up shit

SummerSanders: n i bet id soudn liek philllipbanksy w all his made up stories LOL

SummerSanders: like is this bitch rly expectin me to believe

SummerSanders: she buyin shet from some indian psychotic dood w a cleaver who

SummerSanders: cleaves his friends legs. over a dsagreement over who fills up the methbong glass?

SummerSanders: this dum bish w the feathers sayin that ??

SummerSanders: lolololol