Dzuk's List of Cool Mastodon Instances

Dzuk's List of Cool Mastodon Instances


Last updated: 21st November 2017 @411 (Internet Time)

Hi, I'm Dzuk, and welcome to my list.

This is by no means all of them, just what I know (and a few more) and what I think would be Nice Cool Places and of particular interest to my followers and anyone who wants a space that has quite a clear stance on showing shitty people and shitty instances the door.

Because I'm an ignorant semi-Brit who cant really understand other languages, all of these instances have English speakers in some form and About pages that have English translations.

This is mostly a more descriptive, more user-friendly version of's whitelist, so thanks to them and their excellent whitelisting efforts.

One quick thing

You may have heard of It's what's generally considered the big general instance in Western Europe/North America. I wouldn't really recommend you register there.

The reason I don't recommend it is because I think you'll probably miss out by not going for something different. One of the great things about instances is that you can meet new people you might have more in common with, and is just a massive pool of various people.

Plus, Mastodon thrives on it's instances and if everyone signs up to the same one, it kind of defeats the point and won't help the platform grow, so looking elsewhere is also better for everyone too.

Okay, let's go!

Instances that are online and open to nice people.

This is mostly an alphabetised list. There are a few categories at the end, but they are for specific reasons, like 18+ instances, experimental instances or instances for bots.

Technologically experimental

  • (general instance, but running experimental versions of Mastodon, so may not be very stable)
  • (instance where posts will be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time)

Lewd-ish/18+ instances

These don't specifically specify 18+, but they both focus on the lewd-ish things, so I'd personally say so.

  • (for the kink community)
  • (for a specific kinds of kinks, like macro, micro, hyper, muscle, inflation, expansion, and similar.)

Novelty + Bots

  • (an instance where you cannot make toots with the letter e)
  • (an instance where you can only make toots with the letter e)]
  • (a special place for your bot project E:)