BLOCKchain blocklist advisory

BLOCKchain blocklist advisory


Last updated 18th May 2018, 08:12 GMT

Hey, this is a list of instances which you might want to block to protect your instance from shitty and threatening behaviour and illegal content.

Each instance is loosely grouped by the reason you might want to block them for, with some accompanying text explaining why it's a problem if you're unsure about what I mean.

Unless the reasons to block are self-evident from looking at the instance, I try to give links and/or screencaps of evidence (apart from when it's something like Lolicon, for obvious reasons).

If you want to look at some awesome instances instead while learning about how instances work, check out my guide on that!

(Btw, I am a moderator of and this list mostly reflects our instance blocks, but there are a few differences for certain reasons.)

Content Warning

This post will reference some unpleasant stuff on all kinds of things ranging from hate speech to child porn. There are also some screenshots of fascist, violent or ignorant ideology or opinion, (but not porn or illegal content). If you're not feeling good to read or see that kind of stuff, then I recommend you stop reading.

Links that contain or may contain distressing imagery (gore, violence, etc.), NSFW or lolicon/CP are un-hyperlinked for your convenience, but unpleasant discourses, ignorant, violent or fascist opinions, etc. are not.


Check out my Instance Blocking FAQ if you have objections to this practice or are unsure about the nature of it. It doesn't cover everything, but it might help.

This list mostly covers English-speaking instances.

I'm trying to kick my monolingual disease but until then, the instances on this list will be generally English-speaking instances. If you make a list for other languages let me know so I can link to yours from this page.

There is a machine-readable version of this list.

If you want to speed up your blocklisting with scripts, there is now a machine-friendly JSON version of this list that you can get here on GitHub.

This list updates!

You can follow for updates.

If you know of an instance similar to these that you want to add and want to forward the evidence to me, I'll be happy to take it at This list will update as I find more.

Want to learn more about hate speech and hate groups?

Check out this handy list!

Here is the list!

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Harassment and/or directly shitty behaviour towards other instances

There seem to have been other instances on this list that also have engaged in harassment with other instances, but these are the only ones I could find the evidence for.

(Formerly used the domain You might want to add this to your domain blocks too just to be sure.)

The picture below speaks for itself, really (this is from the instance's admin).

This instance's admin and founder decided to harass a non-binary person and got kicked off of their old instance, so they made this instead. (PS. If you're not tired of people labelling their shittiness as 'free speech' yet, you might be by the time you get to the end of this list.)

The admin is intentionally antagonistic and has bad faith views, being a dick to people, jumping into threads, etc. while doing the usual routine of acting as if they are in good faith and open minded.

If this is what open minded and rational looks like, I'm kinda confused.


This is an instance where no valid email address is required to make an account because there is no email verification process. It is home to spam accounts like

Fascist, violent speech and zero-moderation spaces

These are safe spaces for violent and/or shitty ideologies and speech - including fascist (such as Alt-Right, Identitarian [another link]), Neo-reactionary, GamerGate, and so on. They also tend to contain illustrated sexualised depictions of minors, untagged NSFW and more.

It's generally self-evident from looking at the homepages or descriptions so I didn't give specific evidence links, but if you want to check for yourself you will need to be careful as illustrated sexualised depictions of minors do exist on many of these. According to other sources, many of these places have also harassed people in other instances.

These are the kinds of instances where suspending would be pretty appropriate.


Appears defunct:


External Sources:

Less obvious fascist or violent speech spaces

They aren't as extreme or as obvious as the previous list, but they still totally have these elements, so I'm going to give evidence links to make it clear. I don't know if these instances contain lolicon other than the ones I specifically mention ( probably doesn't), so you might want to be on the safe side with the media blocks.

Now dead, but if you wanna still add it~

Most of this is fine but there are the occasional crappy discourses, shown in the links below. Apparently this instance's software apparently does not have moderation tools either so they are literally incapable of moderating themselves to an extent.

A GamerGate community [source]. Enough said really, but here's some more stuff from the members going into victim-blaming patterns below.

If you don't know about why GamerGate is bad, RationalWiki (yes, I know it's called that, but they have some really good debunking articles) has a good write-up on what exactly happened and dispels a lot of disinformation about it.

Quiet instance, but hosts fascist conspiracy theories, untagged NSFW and lolicon.

You do not have to do anything about this one because it does not federate with Mastodon, but I'm adding this one to the list for the sake of completion and in case it ever stops doing so. You know, why not.

The two main users of this instance has some really fucked up and fascist-leaning opinions and posts.
  • (visually distressing imagery)

At the time of writing is a single user instance, but is open to registrations. It's another one of those...

  • - 'laissez-faire approach to moderating this instance as much as possible' - 'this is not a 'safe space' and I do not care about your feelings'.

The admin (and only user) has also just posted a lot of shitty things. This is complaining about FreeBSD's recent code of conduct change which ensures that marginalised groups are safe from harassment and bullshit on official FreeBSD spaces ( It's really neat actually. (intentional misgendering of a Mastodon user)
(anti-semitic boost)
(alt-right boost)

@Paneb's profile. The background is one of Nazi germany's flags crossed with American libertarian/sovereign citizen imagery. And ofc the 'God' and 'Fatherland' is a massive fucking dogwhistle.

For context, this is a conspiracy theory regarding the Waco standoff of 1993. Conspiracy theories about Waco (and also other incidences like Ruby Ridge) have been a big thing among American right-wing militia circles. (These same conspiracy theories also influenced the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995)

This hasn't been the only Waco CT reference this user has posted.

This instance (whose domain name is named after popular slang in Male Supremacy spaces) seems to have only been up for a day since I wrote this, and they already have enough reasons to go on this list.

(Calling being transgender a mental disorder, and calling being NB 'bad fashion sense', also a lot of dogwhistling to what they consider to be 'biology & anthropology' with regards to NB stuff)


The person who appears to be the instance administrator (Lenneth) (and is in any case, the only other user on this server (at the time of writing) apart from those in the previous thread) has already signed off on this kind of lame stuff.

UPDATE: and this is what happens after I blocked them. ._.

(Also no, it didn't tag me, because I already blocked your instance. This is why we block. You've made even more of an example of yourself, thanks. :3)

Shitty Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories can be a complicated subject, and I don't mind some degree of speculative stuff, but generally what crosses the line for me generally comes under one (or multiple) of these:

  • It promotes psuedoscience
  • Is a hate group conspiracy theory (ie. 'International Jewry', Cultural Marxism, Holocaust Denial)
  • Is one that necessitates or involves hatred (ie. racism, bigotry, etc...)
  • It generally gets people hurt or fuels violence

The main reason you would want to block this instance is that the admin actively buys into a bunch of Trump-flavoured conspiracy theories, at least some of which, are known as QAnon. Think of QAnon as Pizzagate on steroids (which they also believe in btw).

Another one of his users, @Q, is a mirror for, which is a weird intelligence hub (if you can realistically call it that) for these people. It mainly seems to pump out unintelligible details along with some alt-light memes and rhetoric thrown in with even more of a conspiracy theory sheen than normal.

Here's an explainer on QAnon, you can also check the #qanon hashtag on Twitter or /r/greatawakening (or the kinds of things people post when they link to on Reddit at your own peril.

These aren't the only conspiracy theories they believe in, but probably the ones you'd want to avoid them for the most. @Von_Guildhausen is some alt-right Twitter user.


Another one of those, but more from a New Atheist perspective than 'nazis and child porn ahoy!'.

Other than the above fun instance description, this instance's admin was found jumping into a conversation and making a lot of bad-faith assertions and also some insults. Really weird. (Some of the thread can be found here, the rest of this was submitted to me by someone.)

Unwilling to moderate hate speech and shitty content

Instances that aren't overtly fascist spaces or fascist safe spaces, but they do say that they want to moderate as little as possible, with the only thing they're really willing to moderate is what's illegal for them. That also usually includes harassment.

The problem with that is that leaves out fascism, sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry. So while they aren't necessarily doing the bullshit routine themselves, they are basically as fine with it as the rest of them.

This isn't the same as just not having a CoC or not having a detailed CoC.

Instances that simply have no CoC or no detailed CoC against violent speech aren't automatically on this list because an instance can still act against violent speach without one. This list is only for instances whose administrators have systematically ignored or accepted instances of violent speech, or have made it clear that they would act in this way if that were to happen.

Instances that have made it clear that they won't remove violent individuals, but at least will silence them from their end (so they don't bother other instances) are also not on this list.

Now deleted.

Enabled shitty behaviour, weak harassment policy.

Someone on this instance was found posting hate speech, multiple people (including admins/moderators in and saw it and talked to the admin of this instance (@wonderfall), who defended the person posting them. The offending user has since been deleted (don't know why), but @wonderfall has defended their original stance. I don't know if they have continued to this day.

The about page more recently has added some kind of policy for moderating hate speech and harassment, but the admins are still have a very hands-off policy and one I personally don't think is acceptable. You'll have to decide how that is for your own instance.


Admin who does not want to moderate violent speech, seems to have a pretty hard stance on what they think 'free speech' is.

This is an unusual one. Normally the instances I block are outright hostile or are very forward with their hostile opinions, but my interactions with this instance's admin have been very fine and pleasant. Many instances like the ones I've moderated have often federated with this instance for a while (or still do), and while it does claim to moderate on the front page, it's not moderated sufficiently to deal with shitty users and posts.

This does have a few fine users, but it is also home to a lot of the stuff you've seen in the instances before this one on the list.

links to...

I made a report to the administration concerning this user, who posts a bunch of hateful shit dehumanising non-binary and trans people while making a load of alt-light dogwhistles ('western civilisation' 🙄). The administration don't believe that this violated their CoC. Enough said, really.

Bad/Ignorant Politics

The main premise of is a jingoist statement in response to investigations related to social media advertising being used by foreign states to attempt to influence the 2016 US General Election. This instance blocks entire countries' populations (ie. Russia, Iran, China, Ukraine etc.) based solely on their governments' (or part of their government, as is the case with Ukraine) relationships with the United States government. They block VPN exits too out of fear that those governments may use them for social media campaigns.

The basis for this instance is very generalising and applies an ugly (and ironically divisionary) worldview. It completely ignores the fact that people in a country can often have differing political opinions to that of the ruling political party, the idea of political dissidents and the idea that anyone can basically... influence anyone, like friends, neighbours, corporations, social media networks, political parties in your country, and basically anyone with the same passport (or not) as you.

This also doesn't tackle the supposed problem like they think it does at all (a government can just set up base in another country or pay people in other countries to do the work for them), and it screws over people in the west (like myself) who use VPNs to evade government and corporate surveillance in their own countries, which they seem to be just fine with.

All-round, it should be a joke because of how poorly thought out it is, but it isn't, and it's pretty shitty to begin with.

...but wait, there's more!

It also turns out that the admin has some anti-trans sentiment and insists on misgendering trans people (one example (screencapped above) I have been told by multiple sources there are other examples).

Tech Sleaze

Look ma, no credits!
Hiveway's use of Google Analytics to track it's users (via

  • This is Mastodon with the serial numbers filed off (they removed nearly all mention of it being a Mastodon fork, breaking Mastodon's AGPL3 license).
  • They have added Google Analytics trackers (which track it's users activity -- not the content that is posted or is federated to it)
  • It has an ICO slapped on.
  • Their CoC just states 'Please do not post offensive or inappropriate content'. Really not adequate.
  • They plan on selling ad space on their instance, potentially polluting the fediverse.

Advertising, tracking, ICO, corporate BS or just all-round sleaziness, take your pick of what things you want to block it for. It really sucks.

Unresponsive to moderation messages

Instances that haven't responded to moderation messages in my personal experience. (Take this with a pinch of salt.)

I sent a message to the instance's admin about the user pictured above. They did not respond for a week while being active at the time. Trying again also yielded no response. While this user appears to be deleted, another from the same person has arisen in it's place and I still didn't get any response from the admin about any of this.

Complacency with harassing users

Admin would not act based on a legitimate moderation request involving a user jumping in on a harassing post thread. I tried to explain to them why it was a shitty thing to do, but they were insistent on not doing anything.

Unflagged / Potentially Unflagged NSFW

Child Porn / Lolicon / Shotacon

Basically sexualised depictions of minors, whether illustrated or not.

With this list I am generally going by the word of mods and admins I trust unless I accidentally stumble upon it myself or it's self-evident from the instance description.

  • (
  • (lolicon and shotacon-oriented space; self-evident from instance description)
  • Pawoo ( (Japanese law on this differs to western countries so it's legally fine for Pawoo to host shota/loli) (
  • (, also that entire user. The admin has boosted an update from that user and the instance is very small so they seem fine with it.)
  • (kinda obvious from the name... [1])
  • (self-evident)
  • (It has a loli-posting bot called AnimeGirlsBot. The instance is Chinese so I can't talk to the moderator about it but judging from their profile they are totally fine with it.)
  • (

Corporate-owned or corporate-sponsored social instances

This may not become a serious issue, but I think it could be a really important thing to keep an eye on for the future. I think that corporate ownership generally conflicts with the idea of social spaces as an emotionally supportive environment (how many of us left Twitter because it tolerates Nazis and doesn't have any real ethical or moral positions?).

They also conflict with the idea of intermingling, spaces with a cooperative relationship to each other (ie. our instances) - corporations expect to dominate 'markets', we provide services based on what we can afford to those who want and need them. I would say that our kind of social networking is potentially an existential threat to corporate social networking, and we shouldn't let them have an inch because they will take a mile. If they ever take an interest in decentralised social networking, they will only care about us insofar that we're good PR for them.

I'm not necessarily saying block these right now (I'm not apart from Pawoo, for other reasons), but I think keeping watch would be a good idea, especially if they become a thing in the West. They currently only seem to be a thing in Japan right now.


Instances owned or used by corporations to advertise and post product updates. I wouldn't say block them, I just think they're better silenced so only people who want to see them will see them in the Federated Timeline.

Crappy single-user instances

These aren't that important, but if you want to be a completionist...

Neo-reactionary, fascist, etc. content.

Other instances have said that the user slides towards a pro-white supremacist stance [1] [2] and their behaviour generally follows that profile. Not explicitly so (at least from their public toots) - but through the amount and kind of dogwhistles they toot (an example of a racist/racialist toot they boosted is screencapped below) and white supremacist-leaning individuals that they follow. It's not just guilt by association - they clearly endorse this shit themselves.

Shitty behaviour in certain directions (doesn't understand others' identities so they attack it instead). Not very important.