Dividends Update for FUNCoin Holders

Dividends Update for FUNCoin Holders


Dear FUNCoin Holders,

We have some awersome pre-summer FUNC-Y news for you!

FUNCOIN.IO would love to inform you that since June 2017, ALL FUNCoin holders will be paid their dividends from ALL FUNCoin operations. Thus, since you have at least 1 FUNCoin you or your project also participates in the dividends payment.


Let’s imagine on the moment of distribution we have 3 FUNCoin holders and 2 projects operating on FUNCoins also. Total Fee collected from all FUNCoin projects is 30 FUNCoins. 

Dividends will be paid in the relative proportions depending on the FUNCoins amount every holder/project owns and will be sent to OpenLedger accounts automatically. 

Let’s imagine 1st holder owns 5 FUNCoins, 2nd has 10 FUNCoins, 3rdhas 20 FUNCoins while one project owns 5 FUNCoins and another one holds 60 FUNCoins. In total, they hold 5+10+20+5+60 = 100 FUNCoins.

So, this is how the dividends will be calculated:

1st holder will receive 5/100*30 = 1,5 FUNCoins

2nd holder 10/100*30 = 3 FUNCoins

3rd holder 20/100*30 = 6 FUNCoins

1st project 5/100*30 = 1,5 FUNCoins

2nd project 60/100*30 = 18 FUNCoins


These sums will be sent automatically to the relevant OpenLedger accounts of FUNCoin holders on the distribution day from funcoin-dividends account.


So now we made it even easier to earn with FUNCoin. 

New distribution starts from June, 2 already.


Hurry up to Become a FUNCoin holder to get your

Piece of the Pie!


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